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All the apartments are fully furnished and equipped with cooker or gas cooker, hot and cold water, electric energy at 220 volts. Each bed has its own blanket. The customer must bring only bed, table and bathroom linens. On request it is possible to rent bed sheets and towels.

On the day of departure the apartment must be free no later than 10:00 am. Departure must take place during office hours to allow our staff to control the condition and cleanliness of the apartment. The Agency Luna Rossa, on request, authorize the departure during the night or very early in the morning, but in this case we could keep the caution money and then send it by mail after the necessary checks and keeping the cost of postage.

The parking is unattended. You can have only one car per apartment. If the car is parked outside the areas specifically identified in the Residence, the Agency is authorized to remove the car and charge the cost thereof.

The responsibility of the damage caused by the guests or their family members is of the host contract holder and / or input card. The Agency accepts no responsibility for damage to persons or property caused by unauthorized use of the Residence. Parents have the responsibility of their children during the holiday.

The access to the Residence is allowed only to guests booked and also on the windshield of the car will be a sticker with the name of the Apartment.

The garbage cannot be left on the hallways and in the common areas. The guest must bring it on the large green boxes that can be found on the neighborhood of the Residence.

In order to avoid the detachment of the electricity, the household appliances must be used in an alternating manner, avoiding, for example, that the washing machine and the air conditioning are in operation simultaneously.

Respect the environment by using the air conditioning only if really necessary.

The staff of the Agency is authorized to enter into the apartments for inspection or repairs.

Final cleaning is included. However, the kitchen must be cleaned, including rubbish.